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In pursuit of excellence

We are driven by an unwavering passion to create an experience that is authentic and sensorial. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our establishment, from the warmth of our ambience to the quality of our ingredients and the attentive service of our dedicated team.

Ambience & Vibe

Ambience & Vibe

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Between authenticity
and internationality

Our commitment to authenticity extends to every element of our venue, from the exquisite cuisine and carefully curated ambiance to the warm and genuine hospitality of our team. Our approach to hospitality transcends borders and cultures, welcoming guests from all corners of the world with the same level of care and attention to detail.

El Chiringuito Ibiza Authentic

The history

El Chiringuito’s success can be attributed to the meticulous attention to detail and the commitment to providing something special for you.

Olivia Fleury and Jonathan Thorogood, the restaurateurs behind this bohemian-inspired Ibiza beach restaurant, have created a space that is perfectly in tune with its natural surroundings and offers a well-rounded experience for all.

On the occasion of its 16th anniversary, the restaurant experiences a transition in leadership as Jonathan Thorogod, accompanied by his dedicated core team of Jérôme and María, assumes management.

The history

A story
to tell

The history 2

The power behind

Jérôme Palayer is the mastermind behind our signature kitchen, crafting honest and wholesome dishes, while Maria excel in guest management and relations, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and valued throughout their visit.

We understand that the key to success lies in our great team - every team member is a key player and a crucial piece of the puzzle.

The seamless collaboration between the restaurant, kitchen, beach, Little Chiringuito, boutique, and valet parking is what makes El Chiringuito what it is - a place where you can feel at home.





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